Book Review ; The House in the Cerulean Sea by T J Klune

This book is magical. It’s like watching A Pixar cartoon or watching a movie that’s traced back in time but with a modern twist. It’s from the perspective of a man in his early forties and the perspectives of the six children of this special orphanage that are likely to bring the end of the world.

Title ; The house in the Cerulean Sea

Author ; T J Klune

Genre ; Fantasy / LGBT / Fiction

Pages ; 400 pages

Goodreads rating ; 4.59/5

Publication ; 17th March 2020 by Tor Books

Reading Format ; Ebook

Standalone or Series ; Standalone

Review type ; Non Spoiler or Spoiler ; Both

Rating ; 5 stars

I really loved this book and connected with all the characters. It is so easy to be attached with a character and feel what he or she is feeling. So many lessons to be learned and taught and definitely a good way to enter a magical world begging for more.

Summary ;

Linus Baker is a caseworker for DICOMY (Department in Charge of Magical Youth) . He is sent on missions to check these orphanages for special children and see if they are suitable for them. He is tasked with a mission now , to visit this house where there are six magical children whom the DICOMY has labelled will bring doom to them and they’re very dangerous. They also want him to look into the caretakers of the orphanage especially the owner ; Arthur Parnassus who is a lowkey man and the father to the children. Linus who is a believer of what is right decides to go for this journey and is unaware of the later outcome. He meets the six children; Lucy (which is the short form of Lucifer and apparently the son of the devil who is supposed to bring destruction to the world) , Talia a garden gnome who is passionate about plants and gardening, Theodore a wyvern whose species is almost extinct and just loves to be happy and gather things , Phee the wood Sprite who loves trees and flowers, Chauncey ( a not actually discovered yet what he is with his tentacles) who wants to be a bellhop when he grows up and Sal who is a newcomer and shifting human/pomeranian, who writes the best of poems and Miss Chapelwhite (Zoe) the over seer and owner of Marsyas Island the remote place where the orphanage is located. He is drawn to all of them and makes sure that their home is kept and along the line , he even falls in love with Arthur Parnassus who also has a deep secret.

Keep reading and find out more.

On the cover of the book , you can see a comment which says ; This book is very close to perfect. Please don’t doubt it . It is and I wouldn’t lie. I’m gettin emotional because of my attachment too sheesh.

To be able to mix with these characters and still relate with their life experiences and the difficult things they pass through as children who happen to be different. The theme if Family plays a big role where the children have loving caretakers ; Zoe and Arthur even Linus 🤗. The theme that normalizes the world of Same sex arrangements and we can see that in few instances from Linus neighbor who really wishes he would give his son a chance after becoming his Personal assistant. We won’t forget his cat (beautiful soul) who has always stuck with him. There are also funny scenes and it’s really beautiful. If you loved Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children an you love adventures then this book is for you. Yes there are unpopular opinions but it is the book you need. I feel like there was some unnecessary parts but turned out it’s all part of the book development.

Read it ( an instruction from me ).

My favorite excerpts;

“But sometimes, we can’t always control the … gifts we’re given. And it’s not necessarily the fault of those with said gifts.”

“And that’s okay. Because even the bravest of us can still be afraid sometimes, so long as we don’t let our fear become all we know.”

“I know. But we must pick and choose our fights. Just because someone else acts a certain way, doesn’t mean we should respond in kind. It’s what makes us different. It’s what makes us good.”

“A home isn’t always the house we live in. It’s also the people we choose to surround ourselves with. You may not live on the island, but you can’t tell me it’s not your home. Your bubble, Mr. Baker. It’s been popped. Why would you allow it to grow around you again?”

“. When you’re constantly in the dark, time gets … slippery.”

“It’s about the love and care you put into the earth. It’s intent. It’ll know your intentions, and, if they’re good and pure, there is nothing you won’t be able to do.”

“there can be magic in the ordinary.”

“that. We are who we are not because of our “birthright, but because of what we choose to do in this life. It cannot be boiled down to black and white. Not when there is so much in between. You cannot say something is moral or immoral without understanding the nuances behind it.”

“Change starts with the voices of the few. I will be one of those few because they taught me how. And I know that I’m not alone.”

“Don’t you wish you were here?”.

What was your last five star read?

Let me know in the comment section and also your experience reading the book.

Till I come your way next time,


Love from ; That bookish girl 😌💕

24 thoughts on “Book Review ; The House in the Cerulean Sea by T J Klune

  1. “I know. But we must pick and choose our fights. Just because someone else acts a certain way, doesn’t mean we should respond in kind. It’s what makes us different. It’s what makes us good.”

    Thank you @thatbookishgirl for this ❤️


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